10oz Mug w/ Handle Tumbler (Straight) for Sublimation

10oz Mug w/ Handle Tumbler (Straight) for Sublimation

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10oz Mug with Handle Tumbler (Straight) for Sublimation

6 minutes @ 360 degrees in convection oven and turn 3 minutes in

Hover your transfer under open heat press for 10 seconds to dry excess moisture from the paper.

1. Remove all plastic parts and lids from cup

2. Wipe tumbler with alcohol to remove lint

3. Lightly mist your sublimation transfer with spray mount repositionable adhesive to keep the design from moving (we use 3M Scotch Spray Mount)

4. Place sublimation transfer onto cup and secure with heat tape 

5. Wrap a piece of copy paper around your transfer tightly

6. Place in over for 6 minutes at 360 degrees turning 1/2 way through

7. Remove from oven

8. Remove image from tumbler