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Adult Bracelet Sublimation Kits | Set of 2

Adult Bracelet Sublimation Kits | Set of 2

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Adult Bracelet Sublimation Heat Press Blanks | Set of 2

Images were created by Tina Braddock which can be found HERE


** Please send Pioneer a message or email if you need help with matching this design to our blank**

Kit includes supplies to make 2 adult bracelets:

2 Single Sided Sublimation Blanks

29" Faux Leather Cord (Cord to be cut 7" per side or more depending on wrist size)

4 Clamp Crimp Ends

2 Lobster Clasp

8 Jump rings

Actual Size

Rectangle 1.76" x .51"

Oval 1.76" x .71"

Template Print Size

Rectangle 1.82" x .57

Oval 1.82" x .77"

**Product is not meant to get wet** 




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