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Little Light of Mine Stud Sublimated - (5 pair) No Hardware

Little Light of Mine Stud Sublimated - (5 pair) No Hardware

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MDF This Little Light of Mine Shaped Stud Earring (Sublimated)

*You get 5 pair of stud earrings with this DESIGN that has been sublimated onto MDF Unisub*

No hardware is included (glue and 8mm post needed to complete if you choose engraved back) See recommendations in the photo

Finished Size | W 

Print Size | W 

Studs are approximately 2.8mm thick

✔️  Sold as 5 pair (10 pcs)

✔️  Single sided only

✔️  Choose a gloss or matte finish - dark hardboard back

✔️  Hardware purchased separately at your local craft store or online

The single sided gloss and matte finish have a brown backing. Our gloss finish will have a clear film. Our matte finish will have a blue film.


  1. Remove residue with a soft damp cloth from edges
  2. Place a small dab of CA Thick glue on back of MDF substrate 
  3. Place post hardware on back of unisub MDF and let sit for 6-8 hours

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