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Clipboard Sublimation Blanks

Clipboard Sublimation Blanks

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MDF Clipboard Sublimation Blank for heat press

Actual Sizes 

Mini 4" x 5.56"

Small 6" x 8.33"

Large 9" x 12.5"

Approximately 1/8” thick. 

Single sided coated for sublimation with a brown backing. Choose between a gloss finish (clear film) or matte finish (blue film).” 


  1. Remove the clear or blue film from the substrate.
  2. Remove residue, if any, with a soft damp cloth
  3. Place your transfer face down and MDF substrate face up. Secure with heat tape
  4. Press for 50-55 seconds @ 380 degrees medium pressure. (Time and temp may vary based on your heat press)

Blank Sublimation Unisub, Hardboard, MDF,  Ready to Sublimate

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