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Diamond Angel Wing Necklace

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Angel Wing Diamond Necklace 24"

Choose from 4 colors 

Comes with a metal disk

Choose 3D glass dome to switch from metal disk to glass dome (you will not receive a metal disk if you choose the glass dome)

Recommendation for Metal Disk:  380 degrees medium pressure 60 seconds

Recommendations for 3D glass dome: Glass dome has white backing. Do not mirror image when printing. Place the flat part of dome over printed transfer. Press at 400 degrees for 120 seconds with heavy pressure. 

Both pieces will come with double sided sticky to adhere onto the bevel tray. 


Pressing Instructions


1. Pre-press for 3-5 seconds 

2. Place your substrate onto your transfer and secure with heat tape.

3. Press for 50-55 seconds @ 380 degrees medium to heavy pressure.
(Time and temp may vary based on your heat press)


Only ships within United States from Mississippi